Pilot’s Associate Program: Overview

System Components

The PA was originally conceived as a set of 4 collaborating expert systems:

  • Systems Status reporting the ability of the aircraft to perform its mission,
  • Situation Assessment determining the external environment,
  • Mission Planning with a long-term strategic view of the mission, and
  • Tactics Planning with a short-term, reactive view.

After consultation with the Customer, three more expert systems were added:

  • Pilot-Vehicle Interface (PVI) managing the presentation of information to the pilot and interpreting pilot actions, and
  • Mission Management maintaining a consistent view of the mission parameters and organizing the communications between systems.
  • Mission Support Tool to allow pilots to tailor the behavior of the systems before each mission

Advisory Boards

Two advisory boars had enormous impacts on the direction and implementation of the program. I would like to acknowledge their tireless participation:

Technology Advisory Board

The Technology Advisory Board provided guidance on the system development methodology with emphasis on appropriate incorporation of technology. The members are listed below in alphabetical order with their affiliations at the time of the project. Where possible, I have provided links to their current activities.

  • Piero Bonissone – General Electric
  • Alan Brown – General Electric
  • B. Chandrasekaran – Ohio State University
  • Lee Erman – Cimflex-Teknowledge, Inc.
  • Michael Fehling – Cimflex-Teknowledge, Inc.
  • Larry Fogel – Titan Systems
  • Scott Fouse – ISX Corporation
  • Rick Hayes-Roth – Cimflex-Teknowledge, Inc.
  • John Josephson – Ohio State University
  • Carl Lizza – Wright Research and Development Center
  • Greg Madey – Loral Defense Systems

Operational Task Force

The charter of the Operational Task Force was to ensure the operational relevance of the behavior of the system. The members, all active or recently retired fliers, were:

  • Buzz Aldern – Greystone Defense Systems (F-14)
  • J. Aubrey – General Electric Company
  • G. Colbert – Loral Defense Systems
  • S. W. Dundore – LASC
  • Norm Geddes – Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. (A-4)
  • B. Hamilton – Hamilton and Associates
  • Gaylord Hayden – LASC
  • Doug Holmes – LASC (Aggressor Squadron)
  • Doug Hosmer – LASC (F-16 IP)
  • Don Jackson – LASC (F-4)
  • Andy Probert – Wright Research and Development Center
  • Ron Small – Wright Research and Development Center
  • Richard Smith – Greystone Defense Systems (F-14)
  • J. Thames – General Electric Company
  • Ron Van der Weert – Wright Research and Development Center (F-15)
  • Ken Volkman – Loral Defense Systems

last updated 1/26/2003 by David Smith

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