Three good questions

1. How could a man who has built an enormous financial empire be such a buffoon?
2. How could 63 million people be persuaded to vote for such a buffoon?
3. How could an opponent with 3 million more votes not win the election?

Let’s tackle number three first. The presidential election in the US is not based on total votes. When we vote in a Presidential election, we are electing members of the Electoral College who will then vote to decide the winner. Suffice it to say that the purpose of the Electoral College is two-fold: to prevent a tyrant with mass charismatic appeal from being elected President, and to ensure that the small states have a significant contribution to the Presidential election.The detailed workings of the Electoral College are described well in this article:

The premise of the first two questions is false. Donald Trump has some interesting characteristics, but buffoonery is not one of them. The following is not about Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, Religious or Secular. It is about the gross abuse of power by politicians of all persuasions and an array of news outlets that have lost all journalistic integrity and resorted to lies and opinion-laced “news” reports to attempt to destroy a sitting President, and the resulting  a popular uprising of mammoth proportions against it.

An Establishment Class has exited for too long by using the influence of special interest groups and the loose cash of lobbyists to maintain their power and be re-elected. Unfortunately, studies have shown that over 90% of the new media in the US have Liberal tendencies. During the Obama presidency, this meant a total lack of critical thinking in the 4th estate.
Then, the shock – Donald Trump defeats the heir apparent. The news media was, and still is frantic. Egged on by the Establishment, they have been engaged in a vicious campaign to discredit the President and remove him from office. Classified information is leaked to the press daily with no apparent consequences and outright lies are distributed to news outlets as fact. Donald Trump won the election by finding a way to reach all Americans with the message they desperately wanted to hear – a President who is beholden to nobody, and whose primary goal was to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again.” He used and still uses Social Media to speak directly to the American People in 140 character Tweets. Sad to say, this is still a more powerful medium than the 10 second sounds bites captures by microphones and instantly spread across the air waves. Some people believe that the President’s Tweeting is actually controlling the focus of the opposition news media.

Sadly also, there is a significant number of the President’s own party who have joined with the Establishment in opposing him. Having ridden his coat tails to re-election, they are now voting against legislation they promised to support. The end result of all this is that Washington politics and the national news media have lost all credibility and don’t seem particularly concerned. It would not be surprising at the next election to see a significant number of Establishment politicians from both parties losing their seats. Deservedly so.

So if you are seeing apparent contradictions like the first two questions, take a hard look at the source of your news.


War in the Heavens

There is a war being fought of even more potential consequence than the Civil War – it is for the very existence of the United States of America as we know it.

As we look back over the Obama years, we see a steady, silent, deadly erosion of the Constitutional Government. Schools revising history; liberal professors indoctrinating students with Utopian dreams of World Government; and Political Correctness being used to reinforce the victimhood of specific minorities. Extreme Left-Wing principles straight from the pages of the Communist Manifesto being espoused as truth. News Media – always a bastion of Liberal Ideology – emboldened by a government committed to these principles openly biased in their Left-Leaning views.

Then, a miracle happened. The presumptive coronation of Queen Hillary was derailed. A President was elected whose Conservative principles were directly counter to the Established Ideology, and whose self-made status made him immune to the bribes of politicians and lobbyists. There must be some mistake – the Russians did it; election fraud; She won the Popular Vote; the Electoral College should be abandoned; this President is illegitimate; he is not equipped to lead the country – on and on and on.

Let’s take a look at the United State as a whole to see why Donald Trump was elected and why the vicious outrage from the Left seems insatiable and unending.

The USA is unique in many respects, perhaps the most interesting at the moment is that it is a union of 50 states of varying population size and density, and varying natural resources. The least populated state, Wyoming at 580,000, resembles a modest sized European city, while the most populated, California at almost 40 million, rivals the population of a small country.  The documents that define the nature of that Union, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution as amended 27 times, and the Federalist papers (the blog of the day discussing the creation of the Constitution) were written by brilliant men of great vision. Incidentally, the Fleisch-Kincaid reading level of these documents is greater than 18, suggesting that a useful PhD is required to fully understand their true meaning.

Currently, the most controversial topic is the method by which representatives, and particularly the President, are elected. Representatives in the “lower house” serve 2 year terms and are allocated to states in proportion to the state populations. The 7 least populated have but one representative; California has 53.  Senators in the “upper house” serve a 6 year term, and are allocated 2 per state regardless of population. The President is elected by majority vote of a group called the Electoral College, a very wise choice, rather that by popular majority across the whole country.  The number of members of the electoral college is allocated to states in proportion to their population so that no state can be safely ignored by a presidential candidate, as Ms. Clinton learned the hard way.

To summarize the stunning victory of Donald Trump last November, the Democrats easily held the West and East coasts, but the majority of the “fly over” states – the states the Liberals looked down on as they flew from coast to coast to fund raising events – went to the Republicans. They are the manufacturing and agriculture states where people bring home hard-earned pay checks, still revere America and all it stands for, and resent the arrogant abuse of power and wealth in Washington.

During the election campaign, violent mobs were hired by agents of the Democratic party to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies and suggest that he was causing violence while the news media accepted uncritically news items from liberal unnamed sources – later to be dubbed “fake news” – attempting to besmirch Donald Trump’s character.  This was the feeble beginning of what would soon grow into the most disgraceful display of hatred and rancor ever seen in this country.

The problem for the Left and for the Establishment Republicans is the same.  Donald Trump made a series of election promises that he intends to keep, and being independently wealthy and not particularly awed by his new-found power, he is immune to the usual influence peddling and lobbying that is part of conventional politics.  He was elected by people who were, and still are, sickened by Washington politics.  He has forged new avenues for communicating with his supporters without needing the conventional new media who deliberately distort every aspect of the Presidency.

The Democrat political machine that was silently destroying the fabric of this country during the Obama Years has been disenfranchised, and has moved underground to orchestrate the downfall of this “upstart individual.” Ignorant discussions of acts within the power of the presidency as impeachable offenses.  Unashamedly leaking classified documents to the uncritical media only too happy to embarrass the Presidency. Perhaps the most shameful tactic is the recent attacks on conservative commentators – digging up allegations of sexual misconduct and destroying their reputations and employment without having to prove the accusations at trial.

Some commentators say that America is on the verge of another Civil War. They are wrong – we are in the middle of one.  The first one was fought physically by opposing armies, and its scars still cover the landscape. The tombs of over 620,000 Americans. It was really about destroying the fragile union of thirteen states. “A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery. In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that system that was central to the conflict. A key issue was states’ rights. The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn’t support, especially laws interfering with the South’s right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished.” [] The second Civil War is being fought today in the hearts and minds of the American people. Sick, demented media outlets are shamelessly spewing lies and ignoring the truth that since his election, President Trump, in spite of the absence of support of Establishment Republicans, has made enormous strides in bringing morality and prosperity back to America.  Perhaps the longest-lasting impact any president can have on the nation’s morality is his/her duty to appoint judges especially judges of the supreme court.  By appointing Judge Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia, President Trump maintained the fragile, 5-4 majority in favor of constitutional and moral conservatism.

Constitutional amendments have long since settled the specific problems of race, slavery and gender.  However, Liberals are still trying to impose their twisted views on the nature of America that run in opposition to everything the U. S. Constitution describes.  If it could happen, the second Civil War would be not a physical fight between armies but a spiritual conflict between evil and good with the yardstick of the Constitution as the arbiter. The end result would not be states separating, it would be the breakdown of law and order in our cities and neighborhoods which, if unopposed, leads to anarchy. This must not happen. Corrupting influences (look up George Soros) including those within the government still actively breaking the law by leaking stories, and the Clintons who have a sordid history of major crimes against this country, must be exposed.

Now, as never before, the good people of America who elected President Trump must band together in the 2018 elections to express their loathing of the status quo by voting  Left Wing Democrats and Establishment Republicans out of office.


Public Enemy Number one?

How Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros Manipulated the 2016 Election1
He was particularly successful topping conservative law enforcement officials around the country.
He’s “the puppet master,” Glenn Beck says . He creates what The Washington Times calls an “ echo chamber ” in the mainstream media. The studies and messages he manufactured were “used verbatim hundreds of times in sources ranging from The New York Times to the Philadelphia Inquirer.”
While left-wing billionaire George Soros wasn’t able to tip the presidential election to Hillary Clinton, he made a significant difference in other ways this election season.

Soros Exposed — Through Hacks
In August, the site DCLeaks released over 2,500 hacked internal documents from Soros’s organizations, primarily his Open Society Foundations. Although the mainstream media has virtually ignored the documents, a handful of conservative sites have been picking through them. J. Christian Adams of PJ Media has put together the biggest exposé .
The leaked documents revealed not just run-of-the-mill left wing donations, but the type of activism worthy of the title “puppet master.” For instance:
Soros tried to influence European elections in 2014, and is seeking to influence Malaysia’s elections in 2018.
He sought to influence Supreme Court justices on illegal immigration in the case U.S. v. Texas, “primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy.”
The Open Society Foundations funded opposition research on critics of radical Islam.
The Open Society Justice Initiative calls for international regulation of the internet, to determine “what information is taken off the Internet and what may remain.”
He provided $33 million to radical groups like Black Lives Matter to foment unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country.
Manipulates Media Coverage
Soros has built up a conglomerate of political and media organizations, which he uses to influence public policy and the mainstream media. The leaked documents, Adams observes , “reveal deliberate and successful efforts to manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media outlets like The New York Times.”
For example, he funds organizations like the Brennan Center for Justice that claim there is no voter fraud. The idea of the “voter fraud myth” is then pushed out into the media through his own media operations, including “New America Media,” which caters to ethnic groups, and a “Media Consortium.”
In contrast, Adams notes , “Conservatives and Republicans have no opposing effort or source of funds that represents even a small fraction in opposition to level of the Soros-led manipulation contained in the leaked documents.”
Soros’s organizations include, ACORN, and numerous pro-amnesty organizations. He has repeatedly referred to himself as a “god,” and wrote in his 1987 book, The Alchemy of Finance, “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance — to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein.”
He amassed his fortune through risky currency trades. He was convicted in 2002 of insider trading by a French appeals court. The Malaysian Prime Minister said in 1997 that Soros’s risky trading was partially responsible for the collapse of several Asian currencies.
Poured Over $25 Million Into the 2016 Election
Soros contributed $8 million to the super PAC associated with Hillary Clinton this past year, and $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, a PAC that targeted Trump. He donated $3 million to a PAC called Immigrant Voters Win, which seeks to get out Hispanic voters in key swing states. During the primary, he even contributed $488,375 to a PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, in the hopes it would prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination.
He paid organizations to cause chaos at the Republican National Convention. He gave the left-wing activist race-related organization Color of Change $500,000 to collect signatures for a petition demanding that Coke and other sponsors withdraw their support from the convention. It worked, scaring off several corporate sponsors, and Coke only contributed $65,000, far less than the $660,000 it gave in 2012. Color of Change seeks to defund law enforcement agencies that don’t “defend black lives.”
Soros paid $500,000 to Brave New Films to create a fake petition requesting open carry at the GOP convention. He gave the ACLU $1.7 million for lawsuits that successfully gave protesters more access to Trump events.
As part of his effort to overhaul the U.S. justice system, Soros poured money into several law enforcement races around the country. He contributed a total of $9.6 million to defeat white Republican male DAs in particular, and replace them with minorities who favor a radical transformation of the justice system. He also injected money into Democratic primaries, to ensure the most radical Democrat won. He won all but two of the elections he funded.
He targeted Arizona county Sheriff Joe Arpaio due to Arpaio’s tough approach to combating illegal immigration, contributing a stunning $2.3 million to defeat him. This enabled unknown Democrat challenger Paul Penzone to win, even though he has a history of domestic violence involving his ex-wife. It is extremely rare for a Democrat to get elected to a countywide office in Maricopa County, and would almost certainly not have happened in 2016 but for Soros’ intervention.
Racism, Voting Fraud and Other Meddling
Soros funds organizations that hype up cries of racism, like Black Lives Matter, and others that claim Republicans want to disenfranchise minorities. The fear-mongering seeks to radicalize minorities, and incentivize them to work registering voters and supporting far left candidates.
Soros is the largest contributor to Democratic efforts to block election integrity laws. He committed $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, an organization which fights election integrity laws.
This election cycle, he bankrolled lawsuits challenging these laws in the swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina. The North Carolina law had a “strict photo-ID requirement, shaved a week off of early voting, and cut same-day registration, preregistration and out-of-precinct voting.” He successfully got it put on hold during the election. In Wisconsin, his efforts got a photo ID law reduced in scope.
Soros grants led to Oregon and California moving toward mandatory voter registration, where everyone who is on a government database is automatically put on the list of eligible voters.
At least George Soros is an equal-opportunity manipulator. The U. S. isn’t the only country he wants to change. Russia was so concerned about his influence that it banned the Soros Foundation as a “threat to national security and constitutional order.”


I will never understand …

I will never understand the thought process, or lack thereof, that is causing so-called Republicans to turn their backs on the candidate for President elected by, for and of the people, especially those who forgot their vows to support the Republican nominee whoever that might be. By doing so, they are permanently removing themselves from the respect of the voters and influence in Washington.
When Donald Trump wins, it will have been in spite of their preference for Hillary Clinton, the icon of the status quo, a complete stranger to the truth, and who stands alone among known violators of federal infosec statutes outside a Federal prison. They will never acknowledge that the restoration of strict conservatism on the Supreme Court was accomplished in spite of their lack of endorsement.
If she should happen to win the Presidency, the blame will be place squarely at their door by faithful Republican voters who will make sure that they never again hold public office. They will enjoy the fruits of their implicit endorsement of her: a UK style Muslim invasion, the removal of the U.S. Constitution as an authority in our lives, and a UK style National Health service modeled after the VA system that is still letting patients die as they wait for an appointment.
This is your last chance to redeem yourself – find a microphone, apologize to the American people and encourage, urge, and beg them to vote Republican all the way up and down the ticket, starting at the top. You never know. The American people are amazingly forgiving, and they might let you serve the nation as dog-catcher on some remote island.


The Choice is Yours

Open Letter to the Presidents Bush, Senators Cruze, Rubio and McCain, Governor Kasich and all the traditional Republicans who seem to be paralyzed by the notion that the Republican electorate has left them behind. Let’s look at four possible outcomes on November 8th:
1. you don’t, or half-heartedly, support the Republican nominee for President and Hillary gets elected. One of her first actions is to ram through the nomination of an uber-liberal Supreme Court justice and the legislative branch of government is for ever subjugated to unconstitutional legislation from the Bench. How long will it be before you realize that you have contributed to the destruction of the American way of life that you have sworn to defend?
2. you fail to support the Republican candidate and he wins, and fulfills as many of his aspirations for this nation as he can convince the legislative branch to implement, and populates the Supreme Court with strict, constitutional conservatives. You and the acolytes carrying your torches will be permanently isolated from having any influence in Washington; you will spend the rest of your miserable little lives nursing your hurt feelings.
3. you actually find some character from somewhere and throw the full weight of your influence for the last 5 weeks of the campaign behind the Republican, but he loses. As you stare in agony at the rubble of the American way of life, you will be for ever haunted by the agonizing question as to why your too little, too late didn’t start in time.
4. you finally show up and the Republican wins, starting on the road to re-establishing the quality of life for many Americans that you have been enjoying all this time. You know – freedom from fear, international respect, quality health care, a share in the Great American Dream. Your only hope is that he is more magnanimous than you have been, forgives you for forgetting your vow to support him, and welcomes you to be a part of the new way of life in Washington – no lobbyists, stripped-down government departments, influence-free leadership at all levels, and the end of the unions bent on destroying the schools and civil servants. That is what you want, isn’t it?
So of the four possible outcomes, only one seems to have any possibility of you walking with your shoulders back and head held high into 2017. What are you waiting for?


The People Have Spoken – Listen!

Open Letter to the Old Guard Republicans
OK, boys and girls, help the normal, rank-and-file voting Republicans out here beyond the Beltway to understand what on earth you think you are doing. You ran a good mix of “your” candidates among the 17 people vying for the right to represent the Republican Party. Very few people wanted to vote for them. Just a few guesses why. How about your complete failure to do anything you promised despite having majorities in both Houses for the last 4 years? America doesn’t want your old, tired, broken, impotent ideas.
You made Donald Trump sign on to an agreement that he would support the Republican nominee whoever it was. Now, many of you noblemen are not living up to that agreement. Donald Trump is the legally elected presidential candidate of the Republican party. Your feeble attempts to cling to the money and power inherent with your elected positions is handing this election to the most corrupt, anti-American Chicago mobster regime ever to be assembled with such open contempt for the American Constitution and the people who depend on it for their continued life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Go to your tape archives and pull out Laura Ingram’s speech at the RNC. Get together in a room and watch it. When you have that memorized, call in Newt Gingrich and ask him to explain to you in very short words how he managed to lead the last successful Republican Congress. Then organize a field trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It’s in California. Yes, I know it’s outside the Beltway, but travel is a healthy way to grow up.
Then get some whipped cream to pile onto your humble pie, gobble it down and get behind Donald Trump while there is still time.


Revenge is a dish best served cold

Open letter to Donald Trump: “Revenge is a dish best served cold”
This quotation has a very murky pedigree – some claiming a French author in the 18th century – but it is best remembered as a Klingon proverb quoted in one of the Start Trek movies. Whatever its origin, this quote could be the foundation upon which to build Mr. Trump’s bid for the Presidency.

The current Democratic strategy is to mask the complete bankruptcy of ideas, the corruption throughout the Obama administration, and the hideous past, present and future of Secretary Clinton by trundling out an endless stream of nobodies viciously and falsely attacking Mr. Trump’s person, family, business record and anything else. It’s working because he can’t resist fighting back – he must have some Irish blood in him.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if he were to embrace the title quote, following the Christian principle of turning the other cheek, in the following way. I can see him being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. George says “did you see the statement by Feeble Loudmouth that your first cousin twice removed was …?” expecting a vicious riposte against Feeble L. But instead, Mr. Trump pulls from his pocket a pad and a gold fountain pen. Carefully uncapping the pen, he writes down the author and quote, making sure of the spelling, and says “No, that’s a new one. I will remember that.”

I am so excited at that thought that I would be happy to supply the pad, pen and a large bottle of ink. [As long as the contribution is tax deductible!]


Hillary’s America

Just got back from seeing Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie “Hillary’s America.” In retribution for his previous about Obama, D’Souza was sentenced to 2 years in prison for giving a little too much anonymously to a friend running for political office. Like all vicious acts of retribution, this one backfired. Mightily. It gave him plenty of time to think and talk to hardened criminal gangsters, and to think about criminal enterprises writ large. If you are a Democrat whose mind is open even a tiny bit, go and see this movie.


World record government stupidity

My excuse: when you’re stuck watching national conventions, you must do everything you can to stop your brain from exploding. I actually started paying attention to the pharmaceutical commercials. You know the ones – they are at least ten minutes long because they have to list every known and suspected side-effect of whatever it is they are selling. There must be a computer program for making up drug names because they all look different, but sound alike.

Then, I noticed something. Beneath every drug name on the screen is another, longer drug name. Hmmm – I don’t know this for sure, but it sounds so stupid that it has to be the government. To encourage other companies to make a cheaper, generic equivalent drug, the FPQZ issued an edict that all drug commercials must list their ingredients. Instead of listing the ingredients, the drug companies realized that they could run the program again with a few more syllables and create a name to put below the drug name. Some lucky guy has the assignment to watch all the commercials, make sure that there is a list of ingredients below the drug name and check the appropriate box on a form in triplicate. Poor guy is so numb he has yet to ask himself why all the lists have only one ingredient.

PC check: no, that wasn’t really a sexist statement – no woman would be dumb enough to take that job in the first place, and would surely notice the odd nature of the lists.


Amazing Coincidences

A couple of days ago, Attorney General Lynch fessed up to having a private meeting with Bill Clinton which was roundly denounced as a really bad idea because of the appearance of impropriety – never much of a concern to Wild Bill. During that discussion, apparently to allay the fears of undue influence, she said that she would probably follow the recommendation of FBI Director Comey whenever he brings it to her.

Here we are a couple of days later. Director Comey trots out with a list of improprieties that would get anyone else a free pass to Fort Leavenworth – storing highly classified information with the classification markings removed on an unclassified server – and then declares to nobody’s surprise essentially that there isn’t quite enough evidence for a prosecutor to make a convincing case against Hillary.

Some time ago, Bryan Pagliano, one of Hillary’s staffers received limited immunity in return for some testimony. Maybe one day, we’ll find out what he was confessing to and what evident he coughed up. Meanwhile, try this on for size.

1. the FBI hits a brick wall on building a case against Hillary. They can’t find the smoking gun. All they can prove is that Pagliano removed markings from highly classified files, removed them from the secure area and e-mailed them to Hillary. So Pagliano pleads the 5th and gets immunity because they hope he is the smoking gun. He obviously didn’t actually produce what they needed, so they wrap up the case and slip a draft to AG Lynch, who can then say truthfully that she will follow the FBI recommendation. Not the FBI’s finest hour since in their desperation to catch the big fish [insert picture of Hillary with eyes bulging and mouth open next to that of a really big guppy] they have given immunity to the only character they could have nailed with concrete evidence.

2. but hold the phone – this could still be a really bad day for a lot of people across the US Government especially at the State Department and Hillary in particular. Before anyone is given access to highly classified material, there is a detailed briefing describing exactly what is covered by the classification and how to ensure that anyone to whom it is divulged has a need to know. That briefing has to be on file with the agency responsible for guarding that information. They have a list of everyone who had that briefing. So even if that material arrives in the wrong place with the markings removed, anyone who has had that briefing will recognize it as classified information. At that point, it is their responsibility to go immediately to a secure phone, call the security officer and report the violation. This triggers an immediate shutdown of the area until all the classified material is expunged, and a criminal investigation to determine the source of the leak. Had this been done by Hillary or anyone else seeing that classified information, the leak would have been small, a commendation to the person reporting the crime, and the culprit being dismissed and barred from ever holding a clearance.

3. So Hillary saw in her e-mail secret, top-secret and higher classified information most of whose markings were removed, and did exactly the wrong thing. Not only did she not report the violation and therefore contain the leak, she forwarded the information to other people across insecure communication links without validating their need to know. Why? There are only three possible answers:
A. “I didn’t get the briefing.” – but here is your signature on the briefing receipt.
B. “I didn’t recognize the classified information for what it was.” – even that with the markings still present?
C. ” was too busy … overworked … ” – ignorance of the law has never been accepted as an excuse, neither has being too anything to take the time to do it right.
D. “I need to talk to my lawyer now.”